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Shooter II & Sharp Shooter II

    Shooter II & Sharp Shooter II

    In-Line Counter and Tab Inserter

    Available with optional Spoilage Counter as Sharp-Shooter-IIB model

    This is a free standing counter/tabber that accurately counts and inserts paper tabs into the delivery pile of presses, sheeters, paper board machines and paper converting equipment with receding pile deliveries. The Sharp-Shooter option features the ability to count and tab acceptable material, while flagging spoilage material by means of a red dye marked tab using a wireless remote control. Setup is a breeze with it's pedestal, adjustable head height and various tape chute lengths. Predetermined tabbing is as easy as pushing a button. A micro switch, electronic coupling pick-up (Universal connection 12-120V AC or DC count pulse connection) or optional infrared reflective opto sensor, attached to your equipment, creates a pulse or input, representing a single sheet count to the electronic control unit. Maximize press time, profit and customer satisfaction with efficient and affordable in-line quantity control from U.S. Paper Counters.

    Standard Features:

  • Counting speeds equal to your equipment
  • Tabbing at various batch increments
  • Panel and remote control start/stop/count for spoilage
  • Electronics with memory and capacity to operate two tabbing heads
  • High speed batch selector
  • Count Erase
  • Total batch count
  • Reset switch for total and batch count
  • Variable tape length control
  • Variable knife cut delay
  • Back lit 2 X 20 character line display
  • Pedestal base
  • 16" (40 cm) standard tape chute
  • Touch pad user interface


  • Infrared reflective opto sensor
  • 90 degree angle tape chute
  • Custom tape chute lengths
  • Various pedestal heights available
  • Swivel bracket mount (included with 90deg chute)
  • Distribution box (allows 3 or more tabbing heads to be operated by one control unit)
  • Additional tabbing head
  • Custom programs available
  • Our Item #: Shooter_Tabber


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