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218 Bobcat

    218 Bobcat

    Rosback Model 218 "Bobcat" Table Top Perforator

    Where space is of the essence, this 18-inch Perforator offers that and more. Built with the structural integrity and performance capabilities that are synonymous with the name "True Line" – a name recognized in the industry for nearly 50 years. Get an accurate and quality performance for your short run needs.


        *Versatile – can slot-cut and knife-cut perforate, score, micro perf and slit
        *Run up to 5 heads, easy to add or remove
        *Perf heads have built-in chip removers
        *Positive pickup friction feeder with molded drive rollers
        *Variable speeds up to 15,000 fph
        *Simple to operate with see through cover
        *Lateral guide adjustment
        *Heavy-duty construction
        *Low maintenance


        *1 set of perforating heads with burr rollers
        *1 set of scoring/creasing heads
        *2 sets of drive rollers
        *1 set of tools
        *4 extra perforating blades

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