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    NEW HL1006. "Manual Thorklift"

    The manual highlifter from Interthor has had a ”lift” and is ready to ensure the user an even better working experience!

    The new model of the highlifter, HL 1006, has a welded pump housing made of steel, which makes the pump light and strong. The materials used and the way of manufacturing give a high guarantee of a faultless function. The new pump has an even longer operating time, is easier to set.

    Also the valve system is new and improved, which makes it easy to set the four positions (quick lift, normal lift, neutral and lowering). The release handle has a more simple and user-friendly design.

    The Interthor highlifter is unique in many ways – and is still far ahead of the competitive products! It can lift and transport loads of 3,300 lbs up to the lifting height of 19 inches. Above 19 inches the lifting capacity is 2,200 lbs.

    All Interthor products are designed with focus on the safety of the user, and the new highlifter is no exception! It has foot protection, so that the feet of the user cannot be jammed under the steering wheels. Special tandem wheels ensure that the highlifter does not tip forwards, if wrongly loaded or with a load being too large. The support legs on the scissors legs brake and stabilize at lifting heights above 16 inches. At the same time the low construction ensures a good stability - also when driving - and gives the user good visibility.

    Also the ergonomic correct working conditions are in focus! The handle is therefore designed in accordance with ergonomically correct gripping angles and diameters, ensuring the user a relaxed grip. When the goods at the same time are lifted to a good working height, the user gets an optimum working position and minimizes the strain on arms and back.

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