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240 XL

    240 XL

    Rosback 240 XL Pile Perforator

      The 240 XL Perforator is versatile enough to add any style delivery system, strike perforating or upgrade to tandem shafts for virtually endless perforating capabilities. Start XLerating your profits today. New features include: Standard ball bearing construction with stronger shaft supports and heavy-duty frame. Standard total sheet counter with batching and double sheet detector.


    Easy-Out Cutter Shafts for quicker tooling change-over. Ergonomically and centrally located control station including internal total sheet counter. Air control and gauge location beside control station. Perpendicular sheet deflectors at perforating station for flattening and strengthening sheets. Available in single or tandem shaft finishing equipment machines. Upgrade available for Cobra Strike Perforating. (up to 4 strike heads) Delivery options: jogging, static or conveyor. See through side-guide registration. Easy access maintenance.

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