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HSB 8.000

    HSB 8.000

    The Toolless One

    The middle ground – operator friendly & economic  

    The  HSB 8.000 is the ideal solution if you are looking for a semi-automatic saddle binder for finishing folded sections in small and medium runs.
    Hidden behind a compact footprint is our “semi-automatic”, well de-
    signed and capable of a wide range of formats.

    These adjustments for example are now made without tools, a system which is both efficient and operator friendly, reducing setup time; this saddle binder can produce consistent and accurate quality at up to 8000 products per hour with the minimum number of operators.  
    In addition the HSB 8.000 rises to the occasion, because with its maximum format 360 x 350 mm it’s at the head of its class. Even loop stitching is an option, and not a problem.

    At Hohner your considerations over quality and economy are taken seriously and furthermore have been implemented with easy use for the operator in mind. 

    The advantages are short:

      •  Expansion of the system at a later date: a completely modular system which can be expanded to suit your needs as your requirements grow. (options:  manual feed stations, up to 8 automatic vertical single feeders, automatic cover feeder, fourth and fifth knives, 2:1 switching mechanism, staple control, compensating stacker and a waste extraction system.)

      • Knives combined in a yoke.            

      • 6 lineal bearings for high precision guidance and extremely long endurance of the knives.

      • No staple displacement due to stitching and staple positioning.

      • Compact dimensions with a high performance profile therefore less space required.

      • Less personnel required.  

      • Ergonomic, operator friendly feeder height.


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