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Leave it to Bindery Parts Incorporated to repair or rebuild your Hohner, Interlake / Acme Champion, or Deluxe / Bostitch stitching heads at our location.

Stitcher Heads can be repaired at your location, however our normal labor and travel rates will apply.   


Standard 2-3 Day Turnaround *After Customer Gives Approval.

If you need your stitcher head sooner please let us know before shipping.


Stitcher Head

Flat Rate Labor

Bostitch / Deluxe / Interlake ISP
ACME Champion – 26/26D Style

FLAT RATE LABOR $95.00 plus parts
& return shipping

Hohner 43/6, 43/6S, 48/5, 48/5S, 52/8, 52/8S,

FLAT RATE LABOR $135.00 plus parts
& return shipping


Please Download and Include The Proper Form Below When Shipping Your Head

Hohner Head Repair Form ISP Deluxe Head Repair Form

Repair procedure as follows: 


•   Stitcher head will be disassembled, cleaned and inspected.


•   Bad parts are replaced.


•   Stitcher Head is reassembled and tested.


•   Test sample and bad parts are returned.


•   We will call for approval on ALL repairs.