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    M19 Stitcher

    The M19 is the perfect stitcher for thick work; including business forms, ticket booklets and special applications. This stitcher can accommodate eight different wire sizes without the change of parts.

    Capacity: from 2 sheets to 3/4" with a G20 Head from 2 sheets to 9/16" with a 18D Head Wire
    Sizes: 20-28 round or 19x21-1/2, 20x24 and 21x25 flat
    Clinch: moveable clincher for flat stitching
    Table: 26" wide heavy duty, 14" throat for flat and saddle work
    Speed: 190 stitches per minute

    Ideally suited for thick work including:
    business forms and ticket books
    A single adjustment sets the machine for thickness of work.

    Our Item #: Deluxe_M19


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