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120 Series

    120 Series

    Clamco 120 Series: Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Systems

    Clamco's L-sealer/tunnel combination system includes such standard features as unitized package tray and film cradle with pinwheel perforator, the largest shrink tunnel in its class, and 11-gauge steel construction throughout.

    The resulting high throughput and superior strength are further enhanced by this system's efficient 120-volt operation. In addition, its comparatively lower price makes the 120 Series the best value in its category.

    The 120 Series semi-automatic shrink packaging system includes many standard features and unique advantages not found on competitive systems. Its low cost and 120-volt efficiency make it ideal for today's quick print and similar-sized operations.


    Ÿ Designed to seal and shrink most polyolefin and PVC films.

    Standard Features:

    Ÿ Unitized sealer/tunnel combination with console stand

    Ÿ Microprocessor-controlled heat cycle with automatic temperature compensation

    Ÿ 2100 watt tunnel heating power; 360-degree air circulation

    Ÿ Height-adjustable, heavy-duty seal head with stainless steel film clamps

    Ÿ Unitized, adjustable package tray and film cradle with pinwheel perforator and   
       variable brake

    Ÿ Magnetic hold-down featuring adjustable, single large magnet

    Ÿ Film burn-off control

    Ÿ Variable-speed Teflon® coated mesh belt-tunnel conveyor

    Ÿ Made in USA

    Optional Features:

    Ÿ • Power take-away conveyor (variable distance, adjustable height)

    Ÿ • Locking casters

    Ÿ • Scrap take-up wheel

    Ÿ •  220/208V single phase power

    Ÿ • Auto cool down timer for tunnel

    Ÿ • Cycle counter


    Ÿ • Seal area 16" W x 20" L (41 cm x 51 cm)

    Ÿ • Tunnel chamber 16" W x 20" W x 8" H (41 cm x 51 cm x 20 cm)

    Ÿ • Overall dimensions 24" W x 91" L x 52" H (61 cm x 229 cm 119 cm)

    Ÿ • 11-gauge steel construction throughout

    Ÿ • 120V, 20 Amp operation (export voltages available)


    120 Series: Clamco Semi-Automatic Shrink Wrap Systems:

    Company: Clamco Packaging

    Machine type: Shrink Wrap Systems


    Ÿ•  Electronics

    Ÿ • Food

    Ÿ • Manufacturing

    Ÿ • Publishing/Printing

    Ÿ • Wholesale Trade

    Ÿ • Retail

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