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DIGI-Finisher 8

    DIGI-Finisher 8

    Total Flexibility

    The combined Folder/Saddle Binder unit with hybrid character

    This collaboration product between saddle binder and folding machine is a very flexible system designed to produce wire stitched brochures from either digital or conventional offset presses. The most important feature of the new DIGI-Finisher 8 is its’ hybrid character. Capable of not only being used as a folder and saddle stitcher inline or offline (from either print source), the machine now also allows converting from both print roll as well as printed sheets.

    The combination of the above mentioned workflow process means a significant time and cost saving.

    The DIGI-Finisher 8 becomes an extremely flexible and adaptive solution with the additional advantage of independence from the printing process.

    The DIGI-Finisher 8 – a real hybrid line in a double sense. On one hand, granting flexibility to be employed as highquality saddle binder for conventionally printed products, or as a digital converting line for digitally printed work – one machine to meet all of your binding needs!


    On the other hand, in digital mode, this line offers the revolutionary opportunity to convert from both, print roll and sheet. The DIGI-Finisher 8, convincing with variety and efficiency, is a future oriented hybrid.

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