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920 & 923 Conveyors

    920 & 923 Conveyors

    Rosback Model 920 And 923 Conveyors

    The Rosback 920 and 923 Conveyors allow continuous production on Rosback Perforators by eliminating the need to stop and unload. The 920 and 923 Conveyors roll up to the Rosback Perforators or other equipment and delivers “shingled” single sheets. Deliver onto the 920 and 923 Conveyors from your Rosback Perforator to complete long runs even faster.



    Run jobs much faster by reducing unloading time. Adjustable height above floor from 29.5" to 37" in 1.5" increments. Can be used inline with all 220,223,226 TrueLines, SR series, and 240 series Rosback Perforators. Variable speed DC controls. Greater stock capacity than the standard delivery table. Lockable swivel with brake casters for easy mobility. Simple and quick adjustment of conveyor tape and control wheel positions. Use up to 7 conveyor tapes and control wheels (3 tapes standard). Produce slitting without any center trim removal, no need for special delivery dividers. Fast accurate production of multiple printed sheets, no guillotining required.



    Three Conveyor Tapes Three 4” Control Wheels Three 2” Control Wheels Three Sheet Deflectors 1 Set of Tools

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