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92 TS

    92 TS

    The Perfecta 92 (36" Cut) even though economically priced, is designed with durability and productivity in mind. Capable of operating in a 24/7 environment, all safety features and accuracy is the same as the larger machines. Productivity features like 50 strokes per minute knife, 12 inches per second backgauge, slotless bed and high speed knife change gives Perfecta the advantage over our competition. Shown is our TS with CIP4/JDF 19 inch touch screen computer.

    Specifications for 92 (36")

    115 Years of German Built Guillotine Performance in Every Stroke




    Standard Features


    Cutting Table Width

    36 1/4 inches

    TS computer

    Carbide blades

    Feed Height

    4 23/32 inches

    Two hand cut control

    Smart Clamp

    Useful Rear Table Length

    36 1/4 inches

    Mechanical non repeat device

    Automatic Waste Removal

    Side air tables

    24" x 32"

    Self monitoring safety light barrier

    Variable speed knife

    Minimum Cut without False Clamp

    23/32 inch

    Overload protection device

    Swivel Backgauge

    Minimum Cut with False Clamp

    2 1/4 inches

    Self contained air bed

    1 27/32" False Clamp

    Continuous Cycle Rate

    50 cycles per minute

    CIP 3 enabled

    CIP 4/JDF

    Clamping Force

    450-6740 pounds per sq inch

    Hydraulic clamp

    Main Drive Power

    3 kW

    Gear driven knife

    Power Required

    220 Volts 3 Phase / 25 Amps

    Table light and Cut line light

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