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BM-e Booklet Maker

    BM-e Booklet Maker

    The BM-e is C.P. Bourg’s high-end award winning booklet maker that utilizes the latest technology to generate unparalleled quality booklets for its market segment. The paper flow follows a stitch–fold–trim process with guaranteed set integrity and a maximum speed of 5,000 booklets per hour.

    Large sheet sizes of 370 x 600 mm (14.57 x 23.62 in) and A4 (letter) landscape booklets can be processed through the BM-e with ease.

    The Near-Line application BSF – BCM-e – BM-e is an ideal solution for digital printers. Output from any engine (digital or pre-collated offset) can easily be placed into the Bourg Sheet Feeder (BSF). Through this solution, sheets will follow an automated bleed, crease, stitch, fold, trim process to create booklets of up to 120 pages (30 sheets).




    Large Paper Range

    Maximum media size 600 x 370 mm (23.62 x 14.67 in)
    Minimum media size 180 mm x 120 mm (7.09 x 4.73 in)

    Offers a wide range of booklet formats, including A4/Letter landscape booklets

    Connectable to:
    (Contact sales department as possible connectability may evolve)

    Collators: BST-e, BST-d+
    Feeders: BSF

    Booklet making solution for offset and digital needs

    Folds up to 120 page Booklets

    Stitch fold trim up to 30 sheets (80 gsm)

    Able to process jobs with more content

    Graphical User Interface (GUI) (optional)

    User friendly industrial grade color touch screen
    Single GUI for all the finishing line

    Easy to use interface

    In-Operation Adjustments

    Job adjustments can be performed via the GUI “Run” menu

    Fine tuning adjustments of stitch, fold, trim while BME is in operation

    Stitch Fold Module

    Automatic stitch head adjustment
    Heads can be disengaged
    Unique folding belt technology applying a maximum pressure of 300 kg (661 lbs) via book press

    Automatic top, corner, side, or saddle stitching
    Flatter booklets

    2 to 4 Cassette Wire Heads (optional)

    Hohner or ISP heads
    Hohner can accommodate a loop kit (optional)

    Large range of stitching possibilities

    ISP Head Features

    Toolless cassette replacement

    Plug & Play stitch heads

    Purge Feature

    Automatic ejection of faulted job and enables continuous production

    Minimal time loss

    Eject Tray Capabilities

    Secondary exit for jobs that do not require folding
    Enables ejection of faulted jobs

    Multipurpose secondary exit
    Can be used as low capacity stacker

    Trim Module (optional)

    Self-adjusts to book thickness
    Blade-against-blade trimming

    Fully automated trimming
    Highest quality cuts

    Visible Straight Paper Path

    Complete job visibility

    Ease of intervention and traceability

    Compressed Air Kit

    Corrects Static issues when connected to BST-e Suction Collators

    Ensures premium quality booklets when dealing with difficult paper

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