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    Perfecta 115TS (45") Paper Cutter

    A first-class, heavy duty computer-controlled high-speed guillotine shown
    with the TS CIP4/JDF 19" touch screen computer, oversize tables, stainless steel air bed,
    high speed knife change, and slotless table. For print shops, paper mills,
    binderys and plastic converters that want to economically and precisely accomplish
    complex and frequently changing jobs.

    The 115 TS Perfecta, the fastest, safest, most productive and most accurate
    paper cutter on the market today... see one at your local dealer and you will
    walk away saying, "It's not just a cutter anymore!"

    Specifications for 115 (45")

    115 Years of German Built Guillotine Performance in Every Stroke

    Standard Features
    Cutting Table Width
    45 1/4 inches
    TS computer
    Carbide and non stick blades 
    Feed Height
    6 1/2 inches
    Two hand cut control
    Smart Clamp
    Useful Rear Table Length
    45 1/4 inches
    Mechanical non repeat device
    Automatic Waste Removal (AWR)
    Side tables
    24" x 32"
    Self monitoring safety light barrier
    Variable speed knife
    Minimum Cut without False Clamp
    13/16 inch
    Overload protection device
    Swivel/Tilt backgauge
    Minimum Cut with False Clamp
    3 1/32 inches
    Self contained air bed
    1 27/32" False Clamp
    Continuous Cycle Rate
    44 cycles per minute
    CIP 3 enabled
    CIP 4/JDF
    Clamping Force
    560-10100 pounds per sq inch
    Hydraulic clamp
    Larger clamp
    Main Drive Power
    4 kW
    Gear driven knife
    Front and/or rear hold down device
    Power Required
    220 Volts / 3 Phase / 35 Amps
    Table light and Cut line light
    Blow down device for the AWR
    Our Item #: Perfecta_115_TS


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