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BST-d Collator

    BST-d Collator

    The BST-d is a vertical collating tower designed to provide a standard in feeding reliability and consistency.

    The collating towers are inter-connectable, each containing 10 stations. The BST-d is capable of feeding finishing equipment both on the left and on the right outputs, allowing dual applications such as a booklet maker on one side and a stacker on the other.

    Paper is fed using suction belt and air separation technology which enables an optimal feeding speed of up to 4,800 sets per hour even when media is waved or curled.




    Paper Range

    Minimum media size 200 x 115 mm (7.87 x 4.52 in)
    Maximum media size 520 x 350 mm (20.47 x 13.77 in)

    Offers a wide range of booklet formats

    Connectable to:
    (Contact sales department as possible connectability may evolve)

    Booklet Makers: BDF, AGR-PA-TR
    Stackers: TD and CC Series

    Collating solution for all offset needs

    Expandable up to 5 Towers

    10 stations per tower
    Maximum of 50 stations

    Capable of feeding up to 50 sheet sets

    Bourg Suction Belt & Air Sheet Separation Technology

    Feeds a wide variety of paper
    Fast paper feeding
    Less friction/paper damage
    Less double/miss feeds

    Fully automated
    Better feeding performance and reliability

    Autonomous Feeding Stations

    In the event of a station malfunction, the job may be transferred to another station in order to continue production

    Allows more reliability

    Optical DMC

    Measures sheet opacity in order to detect a double or a miss

    Double miss control (DMC) on every station

    Dual Output Feeding

    Capable of feeding through the left and/or right outputs

    Allows superior flexibility as set can be sent into two different modules (e.g. left stacker, right booklet maker)

    Skip Mode

    Allows you to divide the 10 stations for jobs of 5 sheets or less

    Simultaneously load while running jobs of 5 sheets or less with 1 tower

    Copy Mode

    Allows the second tower to continue the same job (from the same stations as the first tower)

    Simultaneously load while running jobs of 10 sheets or less (requires min 2 towers)

    Double Cover Mode

    Capable of mobilizing two stations to accommodate thicker covers

    Enables maximum capacity use per station regardless of cover thickness



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